Responding to marketplace demand from mall developers, leasing agents, and retail customers, industry veteran and expert, Linda Johansen-James announced the launch of the new Pop-Up Staffing, LLC agency which specializes in all aspects of common area retail hiring and staffing for carts, kiosks, shop-in-shops, and pop-up shops. With its established service offerings and a wealth of experience training thousands of sales people in retail, Pop-Up Staffing is poised to create unique and immersive customer experiences that put its clients’ brands in front of potential customers.

The recruiters at Pop-Up Staffing are experts at screening, hiring and training staffing personnel who specialize in consultative selling. From managers to sales consultants and whether you are looking for part-time or full-time, seasonal hires, or you just need help for a short time, Pop-Up Staffing recruits and manages common area employees, so that clients can concentrate on growing their successful businesses.

Extensive Hiring Procedure

Due to its extensive hiring background, Pop-Up Staffing has a thorough understanding of the management and supervision of all aspects of common area staffing. From vetting and selecting premiere part-time pop-up employees to the placement of the individuals within the best business, Pop-Up Staffing handles all aspects of the hiring and management process.

Pop-Up Staffing specializes in identifying, establishing, and training a perfect employee fit business model, ensuring that client kiosk staffing is optimized. An understaffed experience can cripple a company’s sales and diminish the brand while an overstaffed situation leads to inefficiencies and needless overhead. Finding a good fit to run your kiosk or cart business does not often coincide with the core strengths of the company. Talented employees are out there, but it takes time to track down and hire them. As experts in common area employment, Pop-Up Staffing takes on the heavy and tedious workload by sifting through applications and finding the ideal candidates.

Staffing agency costs are often a deterrent to many new brands just starting out in the common area or for companies who are testing a new product. Pop-Up Staffing produces winning results for its brand partners – plus with its attractive flat fee pricing, clients pay a fraction of the cost of other competing staffing agencies.

Linda Johansen-James, Founder of Pop-Up Staffing stated, “With more than twenty years of experience in hiring, recruiting and staffing in the common area, we will offer mall developers, leasing managers and our clients, a one-stop valued-based solution. Pop-Up Staffing magnifies the brand experience by showcasing the best people who are the most optimal spokespersons and salespersons for your brand. Our experts ensure that each employee is exceptionally well trained with a deep knowledge of your brand along with best-in-class consultative sales skills.”

A cart, kiosk or pop-up may have a small footprint, but it can have a big impact on a company’s bottom-line. Having a presence in the common area of a mall can accomplish much for a booming business. A well-run kiosk or pop-up will build brand awareness and create a direct engagement between the end user and the product.

Pop-Up Staffing is an expert in the field of common area employment and staffs for every mall and city across the country. Using Pop-Up Staffing enables brands to completely focus on managing their growing retail businesses rather than concentrating on finding, training and maintaining employees.

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