About International Retail Management and Consulting Group

International Retail Management and Consulting Group, (IRG) provides a dynamic, uniquely poised, and immersive retail experience. We bring together brands and customers in innovative and experiential ways. From its onset, IRG’s One Stop Shop creates fresh, in-demand retail events and experiences. With decades of retail experience, IRG’s executive leaders have generated more than $1.7 billion in retail sales.

One-of-a-kind, IRG is solution-based, sales driven, and customer centric. Linda Johansen-James, CEO and founder, is renowned in the retail industry and guides IRG into new retail frontiers by envisioning new concepts and breaking ground on unexplored horizons.

In 2019, IRG partnered with CS Hudson to unveil the first-of-its-kind experiential pop-up shop. Focused on testing brand concepts, gaining customer acquisition, and researching and analyzing customer feedback and data, IRG offers clients multiple services unmatched in carts, kiosks, inline stores, and the specialty retail marketplace.

IRG’s executive management, formerly from American Kiosk Management (AKM), launches dozens of domestic and international brands into the marketplace, including Guthy-Renker, Blue Moon the Donut Bar, Hemp/Swiss Relief, Flip Flop Shops, Instant Effects, One Two Cosmetics®, ABC Mouse, Revlon, Solar City, Vivint Solar, Great Foods, and Hess Toy Trucks to just name a few.