Daymond John, Jane Seymour and Chris Igwe have graced previous covers of International Retail.

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In this issue, we focus on the entrepreneurial side of retail. You know, the small business owner who is crushing it but wants that elusive competitive edge.

From ABCs Shark Tank, Daymond John graces our cover to discuss his latest ventures, new directions, and passions. This is a milestone interview that you do NOT want to miss.

We are thrilled for the return of last quarter’s cover story, Chris Igwe This is the 2nd part in this ongoing series. Chris is the Global Voice of Retail, and he shares with IRG the ever-shifting landscape in the European marketplace.

In our new quarterly segment, we asked Leading Retail Experts ONE Question: Is Black Friday A Thing of The Past? The answers may surprise you.

Audra Lamoon of Livewire returns, along with Jeremy Walker and Linda Johansen-James of IRG to discuss Kick-Ass Customer Service…how to intentionally create it, build momentum, AND how to maintain it.

Failure is Never Final: Max James, decorated United States Air Force Rescue Pilot and founder of American Kiosk Management talks about his failures and successes, the explosive growth of AKM he achieved with his wife Linda Johansen-James, and his latest business memoir, The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce.

Rob Anson, CEO and Founder of Fobi A.I. shares with us the future of customer engagement & loyalty…and how it will all be driven by data.

And lastly, in our ongoing column Pivot: Bill Kistler of urbanOvation shares with us The Road to Innovation. The real estate market is shifting dramatically, and Bill is staying on top of it all.


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Daymond John of ABC's Shark Tank sits down with IRG to talk about his latest venture: Balance

This issue of International Retail is jam-packed with strategies you can use immediately. We have assembled the brightest minds in retail just for you!

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Daymond John of ABCs Shark Tank joins us at International Retail to talk about BALANCE.
Daymond John of ABC's Shark Tank graces the cover of our Fall 2022 edition of International Retail Magazine. Daymond shares his latest venture: Finding BALANCE.
Chris Igwe on the cover of International Retail Magazine
Chris Igwe: Global Retail Expert graced our Spring Edition 2022. His insights into the international markets of Europe was eye-opening.
Jane Seymour on the cover of International Retail
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