IRG Retail - Blue Moon Hemp


In 2018, Blue Moon Hemp Founder and Chairman Emeritus Christopher Cowart partnered with IRG to manage the leasing, staffing, daily operations, and sales management for the Blue Moon Hemp retail pop-ups.

At that time, the high-quality Blue Moon Hemp products were available online and across the country in vape shops, but the general public was mostly unaware of CBD oil and its health benefits.


IRG embarked upon a product awareness campaign to educate the general public and to broaden Blue Moon Hemp’s customer base, which continues to this day.

Changing societal perceptions is not an easy task and required the full complement of IRG’s core strengths. We took great care in hiring the ideal sales staff and managerial staff in markets nationwide whose views of CDB oil were in line with the Blue Hemp culture.

IRG conducted extensive industry education, Blue Moon Hemp products and benefits education, as well as sales training so that the Blue Moon Hemp pop-up staff became experts in the CBD field and effective spokespeople for the company.

Blue Moon Hemp has become one of the top-selling CBD brands in the country.