What Does IRG Do?

International Retail Group, LLC, is a boutique retail management and consulting firm, that provides staffing, sales training and experiential design, and even site searches to ensure your brand makes an impact.

International Retail Group

Creative, Customer-Driven Solutions

Most problems in specialty retail stem from three areas that have been neglected: wrong location, wrong people, and little to no training for your front-line people.

With 60+ years of retail management experience, we understand that safeguarding your brand, reputation and customer relationships are of the utmost importance. When you build your retail business around these elements, augmented with the right location, right people and great training, success is nearly assured.

Retail is changing…and it’s best that we change with it.

Here are the three arenas we work within:

1) Management & Operations

2) Marketing

3) Design

Let’s break this down:

1) Management & Operations

Remember, superlative customer interaction and an educated staff are the cornerstone for today’s brands. We have a track record in training your staff to handle ALL objection handling with problem solving. We focus on the following…

Training and Education:
The first step under Management & Operations is Training.

If today’s consumer can go online and learn about your product, what would give your front-line people that elusive competitive edge?


It is not enough to place people in sales positions – an ongoing education and training program is essential to maintaining brand integrity


IRG employs a well-established customer service training approach that ensures the staff representing your brand are educated in the product, understand how to listen to the customer and are adept at providing solutions that result in sales and return visits.


We make sure we hire and create Brand Ambassadors!


“Your staff understands the product as if they invented it…wow.
 Just wow.”

Proactiv® Development Scientists

“Our experts ensure that each employee is exceptionally well-trained with a deep knowledge of your brand along with best-in-class consultative sales skills.”

— Linda Johansen-James

Founder of International Retail Group, LLC and Pop-Up Staffing, LLC.

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