Linda Johansen-James, Las Vegas NOW's Exclusive Retail Coorespondent, talks about luxury resale trends
l-r: Linda Johansen-James and Julian Lopez on CBS 8, Las Vegas Now! retail trends segment. Linda has appeared in the following media outlets...
Linda Johansen-James appeared on FOX Business
Linda Johansen-James appeared on CBS
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Linda Johansen-James appears in The New York Ledger.
Linda Johansen-James has been featured in Retail Boss
Linda Johansen-James wins the Rethink Retail Top Retail Experts Award for 2024

Linda Johansen-James wins Rethink Retail’s TOP Retail Expert Award for 2024

Black Friday Shopping Tips!

In this segment on Las Vegas CBS (KLAS), Linda Johansen-James, CEO of International Retail Group, shares Black Friday Shopping Tips.

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In this segment, Linda Johansen-James appears on FOX and affiliate stations across the country, giving advice on what retailers need to do in light of the latest shoplifting scandals.

Linda Johansen-James is the Exclusive Retail Correspondent for KLAS CBS8's Las Vegas Now!

Linda Johansen-James: Exclusive Retail Correspondent for KLAS CBS8's Las Vegas Now!
Play Video about Get Ready To Shop ‘Til You Drop – Las Vegas Retail Openings! Linda Johansen-James weighs-in!

In this CBS Las Vegas Now! Segment, Linda Johansen-James returns to discuss exciting new retail openings in Sin City!

Tips & Tricks for Bargain Hunters

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Tips & Tricks to get Bargain Deals…

Linda Johansen-James, CEO of International Retail Group, shares 3 powerful tips to get retailers to lower their prices..

Luxury Trends Worth Investing In

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Luxury Trends…

Linda Johansen-James, CEO of International Retail Group, shares what luxury items are worth investing in.


Decoding Dad and Deals for Father’s Day

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What to Stop Buying in 2023

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Linda Johansen-James of International Retail Group shares what not to buy in 2023…

What to Buy in The Month of May

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Linda Johansen-James in The News

Retail Dive

by Nate Delesline III

Retail Dive

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Leaders at Amazon and Mattel say movies and nostalgia help drive strong consumer interest for iconic brands ahead of the holiday shopping season.

American Express

by Julie Bawden-Davis
Gardens Guide Press

American Express

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This year’s holiday season is fast approaching. The final months of the year feature a variety of golden opportunities to earn significant holiday traffic sales.

According to recent estimates by the National Retail Federation (NRF), “retail sales during 2023 will grow between 4% and 6% over 2022 to between $5.13 trillion and $5.23 trillion. Last year’s annual retail sales grew 7% over 2021 and totaled $4.9 trillion.”

Linda Johansen-James weighs-in…

Linda Johansen-James has been featured in Retail Boss

Retail Theft:
8 Loss Prevention Tips for Retail Stores

In the United States, retail theft is an increasing issue. What can retailers do about aggressive shoplifting.

Linda Johansen-James, CEO of Inter ational Retail weighs-in…click here to read entire article.

You May Begin to See More Retail Merch behind Lock and Key

Mark Huffman of Consumer Affairs asks Top Retail Experts to weigh-in on how the current  shoplifting wave will affect consumers.

Linda Johansen-James, CEO of IRG, gives a surprising answer. “As such, many retailers will resort to several other measuresclick here to read entire article.

Karine Augis Joins Forces with International Retail Group to Drive USA Development Forward

Karine Augis Joins Forces with International Retail Group

Karine Augis, the French leather goods brand with a chic Parisian spirit, is pleased to announce its partnership with the International Retail Group (IRG) for its development in the North American market.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, IRG is comprised of the top professionals in the industry, led by CEO and founder Linda Johansen-James, who has a track …click here to read entire article.

Linda Johansen-James' Favorite Podcast Interviews

The Billion-Dollar Brand Maker, Linda Johansen-James

How do you grow a business from scratch to create a global presence in 3 countries, 600 staffed locations, 1800 employees and 1000 automated stores throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand? 

You go like Hell, and figure out what you did wrong later!

Brad Szollose interviews The Retail Warrior herself, Linda Johansen-James about her extraordinary story of meeting Max James, the founder of North American Kiosk and American Kiosk Managament, their massive hyper-growth strategy, and Linda’s emerging company, International Retail Group. 

You’re going to love this episode as Linda shares her journey from working to build AKM, to meeting Daymond John of The Shark Tank, to employees who’ve become life-long friends.

Watch on YouTube, Spotify, or listen on Apple.

Internationally known retail consultant Chris Igwe, sits down with Linda Johansen-James on Season 2 of The Global Voice of Retail.

Linda and Chris have a fun conversation on today’s trends that are affecting The USA AND European Brands.

Chris Ressa chats with founder of International Retail Group, Linda Johansen-James in this episode of Retail Retold. Linda shares the secrets to launching the Barbell Apparel Brand store in Las Vegas, NV.

Jen Devore Richter sits down with Linda Johansen-James to discuss Linda’s explosive growth with POP-UP Carts. This is an episode filled with retail secrets you don’t want to miss.

Have Linda Johansen-James Speak at Your Next Event...

Jack Canfield sits down with Linda Johansen-James to talk about her extraordinary career, and the changing face of retail This is Jack's Canfield's most downloaded episode!!!

Want a Speaker who Creates Impact and Draws a Crowd?

Smart meeting planners call upon Linda Johansen-James to share her extraordinary stories; from building American Kiosk Management from the ground up, to explosive sales for brands like HESS Trucks, Proactiv® and Barbell Apparel.

Linda Johansen-James knows how to build success. Her keynote masterclasses and breakout sessions will give your audience an exemplary experience.

From the secrets to building a billion-dollar brand to becoming the Queen of Pop Ups, Carts, Kiosks, Inline Stores and Automated Retail, Linda is a humorous and highly interactive speaker.

Are you a meeting planner? Interested Linda giving your audience an exemplary experience? Everything you need to download is here on this page.

Linda Johansen-James with Channing Tatum.
Linda Johansen-James hangin out with Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum.

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Linda’s Most Popular Programs:


The 7 Secrets to Building
a Billion Dollar Brand

Whether it’s hiring and training for loyalty, or automated retail, Linda shows your audiences exactly what it takes to expand from $8 million to a billion dollar retail powerhouse. You’ll discover how to hire better, the psychology of upselling, training secrets and much, much more.

Comedianne, Rita Rudner and keynote speaker Linda Johansen-James.
Linda Johansen-James speaking on a panel at SmartFem Summit in AZ, with Jen Devore Richter.
Linda Johansen-James with Jen Devore Richter on a panel at SmartFem Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Linda Johansen-James launching Crepe Erase with Jane Seymour.

Cart Magic:
Making Millions with Carts

When it comes to Malls, the most overlooked spaces are the open walkways and common areas. Getting a customer’s attention while they stroll takes a particular set of strategies to making your carts, kiosks and pop-ups highly profitable. Linda shows you the path to Cart Prosperity.

This is a fun and highly strategic presentation with golden nuggets that work. Linda shares the secret to launching new, never before seen Celebrity Branded Carts, along with representing the right product line and creating customer loyalty programs.

THIS session will be the keynote masterclass you didn’t know you needed.

Linda Johansen-James with Daymond John lauching his
"The Shark" POP UP Cart.
Linda giving the keynote address at American Kiosk Management's Annual Awards Dinner.

Guerrilla Retail:
How to Make Pop Ups Work for You

In this fun session, Linda shows you how she became the Queen of Pop Ups. Choosing the right space, experiential design tips, 
display strategies while getting your staff trained and ready, are all strategic pieces to making a splash in Pop-Up Retail.

FlipFlop Shops POP UP.

The Power of Broke
by Daymond John

How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Linda Johansen-James was featured in The Power Of Broke, and shares her extraordinary journey of being a single mom who was given a once in a lifetime offer…and she never looked back.


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Or you can purchase The Power of Broke here on Amazon.

The concept of “think small” is exactly what made Linda so successful. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have big dreams, but she thinks in ways other entrepreneurs might overlook. This outside-the-box thinking led her to focus on selling products out of small, 60-foot kiosks in malls.

Currently Linda’s company manages over 1,000 retail locations and has sold to over over 50 million customers…” 

Daymond John

Founder, President & CEO FUBU
Shark Tank investor

Linda Johansen-James working with Daymond John to launch
his brand "The Shark."

Linda is an in demand keynote speaker, and has keynoted for ICSC, Ancillary Retail and appeared on CBS Las Vegas NOW! as their exclusive retail corespondent.

ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centres
Ancillary Retail France
Linda Johansen-James: Exclusive Retail Correspondent for KLAS CBS8's Las Vegas Now!

Linda specializes in bringing retail trends and strategies to grow your business from a single Pop-Up Cart or Storefront to a Billion-Dollar Brand. 

Linda Johansen-James. CEO and founder of International Retail Group IRG

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